Years of Experience


South Sudan Democratic Engagement, Monitoring and Observation Programme SSuDEMOP was established as a consortium of civil society organizations drawing its membership from Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) Youth groups, Women Associations, Individual Activists and Faith Based Organization/Institutions. To date, this history has continued to shape relationship, interaction and programming pattern of the organization. SSuDEMOP was registered under the Southern Sudan NGO Act of 2008 and later the South Sudan NGO Act of 2016 and has been in operation since 2009.

SSuDEMOP can broadly be categorized as an advocacy organization that focus on human and civil rights. The organization strive to Mobilize Citizens, Empower Voices so as to meaningfully contribute in shaping the future of South Sudan. SSuDEMOP is involved in several national processes which serve as a direct contribution to state and nation building processes in the country. In the resent years, the organization has played an instrumental role in legislative reforms and shaping the legislative landscape in the country. SSuDEMOP has emerged as a leading agency and champion for rights based and participatory governance in the country.
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Our Objectives

The following objectives are designed in efforts to realize vision and mission of the organization and contribute toward nation building, good governance and democratization process in South Sudan through civic education and political decision-making.

  1. Contribute toward nation building, good governance and democratization process in South Sudan.
  2. Identify potential conflicts in our society, suggest mitigation mechanism and propose rapid response intervention where appropriate.
  3. Advocate for gender mainstreaming and affirmative action for women in socio-economic and political decision making


South Sudan where democracy, peace, good governance, justice and respect for human rights prevail through civil participation and rule of law.


Mobilize and empower citizens to meaningfully contribute and participate in the democratization, gender mainstreaming and conflict mitigation process during and after transitional processes that serves as the foundation for the nation.


Promote peaceful and democratic national process that reflect the will, interests, values and aspirations of the people of South Sudan.


Thematic Focus Area

Governance & Democracy

Conflict Mitigation

Gender Mainstream

Election Monitoring

Our Core Values & Principles